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RAVINTSARA – The ESSENTIAL essential oil for winter!

RAVINTSARA – The ESSENTIAL essential oil for winter!

Busy schedule and no time to be running after kids with runny noses or missing work due to a cold or flu?

A great way to stave off colds and flus at any time of year is with the highly effective and natural Ravintsara essential oil.

I use this magical oil frequently for myself and also for my young kids – it’s really perfect to keep the school germs away from your kids – especially during the winter time, but also after holidays and back to school times when germs and bugs love to spread!

Just a few drops rubbed on the skin or taken with a small spoon of honey and you’ll be fighting fit all winter!
One of my favourite products for preventing colds and flus is RAVINTSARA.

Ravintsara (Cinnamomum camphora), or Camphor essential oil is a powerful anti-bacterial, it fights intensely against viruses and it stimulates the secretion of anti-bodies to better protect your immune system.

Organic Camphor essential oil has invigorating and stimulating properties; it helps to develop the immune system’s defenses.

For these reasons, Ravintsara essential oil helps to fight colds and flus.

Bronchitis, rhinopharyngitis, sinusitis, colds – Thanks to the antibacterial, antioxidant and especially decongesting properties of ravintsara, it’s the perfect remedy for treating Ear, Nose and Throat infections.

How to use Ravintsara?

Camphor essential oil is used :

– Skin application : 2 to 3 drops of Camphor essential oil may be diluted in 2 to 3 drops of vegetable oil for a massage on the chosen area.

– Diffusion : 5 to 10 drops in a diffuser.

For Influenza, Ear, Nose and Throat viral outbreaks :

– Cutaneous route: 3 drops to be rubbed on the lower back, along the vertebral column and on the thorax, 4 to 5 times per day, until improvement.

– Oral: 1 drop in a teaspoon of honey or olive oil or on a sugar, 4 times a day, until improvement.

Arrival of cold, strengthening of immunity system:

– Skin: 3 drops on the wrists and breathe deeply, prevention, once a day, during periods of risk.

Take a break of one week after three weeks of use.

In conclusion, Ravintsara essential oil is the best essential oil to use against the flu, it will protect you from bacteria, strengthen your body and clean your airways.


Specific precaution for Camphor essential oil: Do not use in case of asthma.


Where to find Ravintsara products?

You can find Ravintsara essential oil in organic food stores, health stores or markets, alternative pharmacies or online as well as more increasingly in regular pharmacies or chemist stores.