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The Powerful Health Benefits of Kissing


Kissing reduces stress levels

 According to neuroscientists, a kissing session reduces the stress hormone cortisol, therefore, reducing the stress levels of the kissing couple.

Kissing also increases endorphinsoxytocin and dopamine levels – oxytocin being the ‘love hormone’ and dopamine is responsible for feelings of desire and sentimental anxiety to be with that person.


A study by scientists in the US at Lafayette College found that a kiss of at least 20 seconds was most beneficial, sending these feel-good hormones throughout the body and making people feel happier.


US psychotherapist Tina B Tessina says,


Kissing is an easy way to reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol, which has been linked to poor health.  Plus, kissing calms anxiety.  The cuddling and touching that goes with the kissing floods you with even more beneficial hormones,” (www.au.lifestyle.yahoo.com).


US studies found that even holding hands decreases the levels of cortisol in the body, however not to the same degree as kissing.

Kissing reduces relieves tension, reduces negative energy and produces a sense of well being, lowers blood pressure and changes the feelings of a person from negative to positive.

Let’s get kissing to reduce that stress!


Kissing Boosts Immunity

 Doctors say that kissing can increase the body’s immune system.  Kissing passes bacteria from one person to another and this increases the body’s production of antibodies, the body’s natural immune response.

Psychiatrist Dr Scott Haltzman says,


“Even the mild exchange of saliva improves immune defences by helping expose the body to small amounts of viruses and bacteria that you develop antibodies to.  Like acupressure, it may improve the immune system and reduce feelings of stress or pain,” (www.au.lifestyle.yahoo.com). 


Face Tone-Up

 Experts claim that regular kissing sessions can help keep your face toned and supple.  The muscles used when kissing are not used all the time, so regular kissing helps keep them in shape.

Tina B Tessina says,


A good kissing session is like a work-out for your face.  The more intense, the better.  Keep it fun and giggly and you’ll tone abdomen muscles laughing too,” (www.au.lifestyle.yahoo.com).


So, forget Botox injections or facelifts, kissing is the way to keep your face in shape.


Fight Allergies

 Studies conducted at Japan’s Uiitakeda Hospital showed that 30 minutes of kissing can reduce the production of histamine in the body.  Histamine is released during an allergic reaction and kissing appears to reduce the release of this chemical, thereby decreasing the body’s allergic reaction.

Dr Haltzman says,


“It’s as if the mouth responds to smooching by sending a message to the rest of the body that says, ‘Relax, little things that bother you can’t affect you anymore,’” (www.au.lifestyle.yahoo.com). 

 Great news for everyone who likes to cuddle up and have a good kissing session!